The New York Botanical Garden is something like an oasis. Just outside the concrete jungle of downtown New York City, the garden is home to thousands of plants from around the world.

And, in a sea of event pamphlets and community course guides, the NYBG guide to classes, talks, and workshops is also something of an oasis—of beautiful, simple, clear design.



The interior is refreshingly easy to use, and the layout is easy to adapt for other topics. You can substitute in nearly any types of photos and text, and it works.


Colors are pulled from the images, which bleed off the page, and applied to header text and details such as the page numbers, course prices, and dot characters separating event details. These color accents not only add interest to the spread, but also serve as hierarchy cues; at a glance it’s easier to spot the course titles and prices. Dotted rules help to make dates look like discrete events.


The pull quote is already differentiated from the course information typographically, but a pop of color can distinguish it even more and brighten up the page:


With an open, flexible layout like this, the image at the end of the article can be bled off either of the available edges:


Or not at all:


The text is set in Akzidenz Grotesk and Adobe Garamond Pro, which form an approachable, sensible duo. How might you riff on this events/course catalog or apply these strategies to presenting other types of information?