The unexpected find that I shared at the end of yesterday’s post reminded me of a book published a few months ago.



Such a striking concept! I love that passion brands and disruption have everything (metaphorically) to do with lighting a fire. The title is a perfect match.

Three things I’d consider changing:

  1. The dust jacket size. What if the inside cover showed the full view the matches lying in a box, and the dust jacket were cropped to where the box cover would slide?
  2. The way the title/author information is shown on the spine. The solid white rectangle makes it legible, but detracts from the matchbox design. What if the rectangle were one of the colors of that striking area, like the paler red?
  3. The typeface choices. This sophisticated serif title looks calm and dignified even in ALL CAPS. It doesn’t look like part of the matchbox and it doesn’t suggest any friction visually. Helvetica for the subtitle and author names is clear, though a tad bland when paired with that serif titling face (especially when the subtitle is about passion brands and disruption…this lighter weight of Helv feels a bit flimsy for the subject). What if the title looked like scratches (which would carry over to the spine, where the striking area of a matchbox is likely to be scuffed)? What if the subtitle and author names were set in a bolder, slightly more aggressive face? What if the title and names looked like they were part of the matchbox?

The content of Friction, by the way, is as creative and provocative as the cover concept. You can find a copy here. (And then share what you think of the interior design…)