The Uncomfortable invites you to take a double take at, well, everything there. The objects showcased are each quite beautiful, and beautifully photographed. But the seconds you spend to see what’s “wrong” with each object open several questions:

  • Does the eye have an innate sense of balance, or are we accustomed to patterns of shapes learned over time?
  • Does the mind think logically about utility (and the theory of gravity) before we fully process an image?
  • Can the brain hold the idea that something is simultaneously beautiful yet awkward?
  • Are there objects in our own lives with poor design to which we’ve become desensitized? Would an improved design look uncomfortable until we are habituated to seeing that pattern?

This site might make you wonder how one adjustment to an object can completely render it impractical. But even more, it might make you look at the rest of the comfortable world with greater appreciation.

And, of course, it reopens questions about the relationship between beauty and utility…