Apparently there is a whole dress code if you want to look like a New Yorker. The dress code is to wear black.

(The rest of it is attitude. Seem collected but nonchalant. Show toughness but no roughness. Be ritzy but never ditzy. Act a little impatient and a bit blasé.)

If you’re into the New Yorker look, Andrew Marc’s autumn catalog for women and men is a good place to get started. Almost everything inside is black, and the models carry the attitude.


But what really caught my eye was the technique of ghosting the models in alternative poses and bleeding the enlarged photos off the page. This adds depth to the page and a bit more interest than a flat background—it looks like an echo of the focal point without being exactly the same, and lets the featured items pop off the page. And, being in grayscale, it reinforces the sophistication of the overall city-chic look.


But the technique could work well in color with brightly colored items, too. I tried it out with a pizza: