Design Within Reach creates some of the most beautiful mid-century furniture on the market today. With its four-digit price tags on nearly everything, for me it’s Design Beyond Reach…but the free e-newsletter is definitely within reach!

This one came through my inbox over the weekend:


“Feeling is believing.” Brilliant phrasing, but even better photographic direction. Rather than resorting to clichés of close-up upholstery or punning with a sexy scene, this photo sedately invites us to imagine a comforting, restful moment. The warmth of a fireplace, the roughness of the logs, the cold glass containing iced ginger ale, and the sumptuousness of the lounge chair, the clean face of News Gothic set simply on top…it’s a mini retreat from the clamor of the inbox. Just viewing this scene makes me feel more relaxed—and so implicitly, I do believe in this chair.

The Eames Lounge chair was also shown in an email earlier this season. The purpose here was announcing a new vertical bookshelf. With the eye-catching yellow wall looking like a page (while also framing the shelf), the chair takes a prop-like role, helping to create a sense of depth within the background:


And while you’re checking out their site, notice the tab icon. It’s a simplified version of the logo—simplified to the barest signature elements: a red rectangle with a white border inside. (Reminds me of the simplification of the National Geographic logo to a yellow frame.)


Kit Hinrichs of Pentagram San Francisco is the masterful hand behind the early days of the company’s identity design, and Jennifer Morla has continued to shape the visual branding. Check out some of Morla’s catalogs for Design Within Reach.

Go, visit the site. It’s beautiful. It’s within reach.