Yesterday, I received a mysterious package from Amazon.

Inside was a picture book, one I didn’t recognize. I was so confused. I checked the box label. Was this sent to me by mistake? Did I accidentally order it?

Then, inside, I found a note. It began, “The journey of 1001 books starts with the first.”

It was from my colleague, Travis, who I’ve digitally collaborated with for months but haven’t met in person. Travis and I have been coaching thousands of students in The Marketing Seminar, an online program designed by Seth Godin to help people make change happen.

Travis had noticed my intention to read 1001 picture books in a year. And he challenged me further: to create something for every X number of books I consume. And he decided that he’d share with me a book that was special in his family…to help me make change happen.

I’m not usually one to burst into tears.

This picture book endeavor feels deeply personal, and those who know me well have shown their support in other ways during the past few days. Maybe this is what it’s like to share what has been caged up in your heart, rather than living your own campaign of lies

Seeing who immediately reaches out with encouragement and excitement, who stands up with you for your passion, who challenges you to do more.

Feeling their well-wishes beaming at you, as you embark on something without a clear destination.

Knowing that none of them have any obligation to show that they care about your dreams.

And realizing that these people care about your dreams only because you care about your dreams. What these people actually care about is you, the truest version of you.

They say, with different words, “You’re not invisible to me. I believe you can make change happen. Go.”

Tomorrow I’ll post about the book itself. Today I beam back gratitude for those who show they care. Thank you, friends. Let’s make change happen.