“Writing poems is not a career but a lifetime of looking into, and listening to, how words see.” —Philip Booth

Usually, as I write or read, I sense that I am feeling my way through a sentence, grappling with the texture of sounds and shapes of words. But to reverse this and think of words with eyes, each with lenses of their own…suddenly I can picture them peering through telescopes and ones squinting into microscopes, ones holding up binoculars and ones holding up monocles, each examining, reflecting upon, and trying to make sense of the world in their own way.

In a sense, they do. Words have their own angles, their own postures, their own vision.

And once you see it, you’ll find that words expand far beyond their meaning, that the bricks of language take on vast dimensions, and that the concept of a sentence occupies a space of illimitable perspectives.