Corner billboards present an interesting design opportunity. The design is, of course, huge, but it’s bent in half, making two squares that sometimes can be viewed simultaneously.

On the digital corner billboard at the intersection of 42nd and 8th in New York City, you can see some layout techniques that work in this uncommon layout—even capitalize on the chance.

This ad for panettone allowed each square to stand alone but never showed exactly the same thing on both squares simultaneously. Here, the logo, ribbon, bread, and background are the common elements, but the central element and text in the bottom left corner rotate through.


This ad for Star Trek did a spectacular job with the layout opportunity. The images moved in from the left and right edges of the screen. Each square creates intriguing attention on its own with plentiful white space and mystery, but when viewed together, they show the ad as one cohesive unit and a bit more of the story is revealed. Notice that the direction of the gaze is directed exactly at the tiny person, creating an invisible connection that helps this to work.