Two unrelated events in the past two days are now connected.

First, I saw a mouse in my apartment. But I haven’t seen it since.*

Second, my graphic design mentor, John McWade, wrote to me, pointing out that I’m hiding from doing the work that is important to my heart. He challenged me to go beyond commenting on stories, and to start creating—and sharing—more of my own. If not daily, at least more frequently. If not full stories, at least mini ones. Challenge accepted.

Tea Party for Mouse

The mouse I met yesterday night
Was really not very polite.
I offered it cheese
And assorted fine teas,
But it wouldn’t come back into sight!


* It turns out that everyone has an opinion about what to do about a mouse. Someone told me to find some used cat litter and sprinkle it around. Someone else told me to play hockey with it (as in, using it as the puck). Someone told me I could try an experiment on it. Someone who actually did extensive research with mice defended the niceness of mice, and told me to be nice back to it. And someone else told me that I might keep it away if I walk around meowing.