Best Made creates catalogs in a style not entirely unlike DK books—white background, bookish serif text descriptions. Some spreads look more so than others. Here’s one on pocketknives from different countries:


The grid effect is tidy, organized, and sophisticated in its understatement. The side-by-side positioning could allow for size comparison, though I’m not sure they are all proportional.

Notice that everything on the page is in small caps, except for the folio at the bottom. Extra tracking is added to the names of the countries, and a heavier weight of face—this, with the spacing, immediately let them stand out as headers. There is far more leading than typical between the lines of the product name and price, resulting in an airy feel.


But my favorite detail of all is the flag motif above each group. They add tiny punches of color to an otherwise fairly dull spread. The slightest drop shadow lifts them from the page, and they confer a sense of national pride for the quality of the knives themselves.