The thing about “living in the moment” is that you rarely get a clear view of the progress you’ve made or where it’s headed.

It’s a good day to look back on the year and reflect on what you’ve accomplished, tried, or started.

In the past 365 days, I moved to a new state for a new job. I helped to launch, then ran, coached in, and produced content for three sessions of The Marketing Seminar by Seth Godin. I assisted with the production of two books, one of which is going to help heal the world. On the side, I helped to share commentary on major political and social transitions by editing more than 30 features for Design Observer, and contributed 10 features of my own (on less weighty topics). I published two scientific papers on arsenic toxicity that I hope will advance research on this issue. I helped to present an app created by smart people at Pentagram that is designed to connect people with their communities, at the AIGA Design Conference.

Along the way, I’ve had a few fun firsts, including ziplining through the Shenandoah tree canopy, playing an mbira, dancing in a gigantic tent, making dosas, riding a bus boat in Venice…and of course, starting this blog (this is post #125).

But I’m not a fan of tooting one’s horn only to show shiny, glorious results—it’s hardly half of the story.

First, 2017 was probably my most difficult year personally. Second, the reality is that I couldn’t have accomplished any of those things without the help of many others. My year has been entirely a result of a massive team effort with friends, colleagues, family, and generous strangers. I owe every one of them thanks.

And thank you for sharing the year with me. Here’s to another dance around the sun!