One might expect a museum about the Bauhaus to have sharp website design.

And the Bauhaus-Archiv does.

Notice the layering—an uncommon technique in site design at the moment.


The main categories have drop shadows. Upon hover over a category, you get another layer (a submenu). The images in the main categories rotate through to the left after a few seconds.


The color blocks have a soft drop shadow, and upon hover, they lift to the top of the stack. They feel like little business cards, and the simple color palette is playful.


The footer frames the field, with its shadow lit from below. The entire effect is like you are looking into a space with floating objects, not unlike a paneled shadowbox. The layering provides dimension and invites exploration. Keeping the four main panels equally spaced and sized prevents the layout from looking cluttered and chaotic.

By the way, you might like to peek into the Bauhaus Shop, if you’re in the market for some very pretty scissors or a handsome watch.