“I want to do this…but it’s scary.”

That dream of yours. That company you want to launch, that connection you want to build, that book you want to write, that podcast you want to start.

Believe it or not, to someone else, it’s just a handshake, just a conversation, just another person, just a project. Not scary. Not even a priority. Success or failure, no big deal…

But it haunts you, day and night. You can’t stop thinking about it. Caught off-guard, you go weak at the knees. Dwelling on it gives you acid reflux and a jittery smile. Because you care. It is so important to you that you don’t even know the words to explain why. Of course it’s scary to you—it means so much.

And it’s so important and so scary that you do nothing for now, “preparing.” Time passes, and you get used to the fear, taking comfort in the vague dream that this dream could come true. After all, if you don’t start, the dream remains intact. So, you say you’ll get started just after you get your ducks in a row. (And you’ll buy those ducks after you pick up the kids from school and make dinner. Oh, but then the duck store might be closed, so you’ll do it tomorrow. Or, actually, maybe this weekend, after you finish cleaning your windows.)


If it’s following you, then you’re exactly the person to lead.

The question is: Could you easily forgive yourself years from now, knowing that you had an opportunity to pursue this dream right now…but didn’t?

If you’re not sure you could forgive yourself easily, then do yourself justice today.

“I want to do this…and it’s scary.”