When’s the last time you asked yourself what it means to be you? To be human? To be happy?

Scott Perry, my former colleague at Seth Godin Productions, has just released a new book. It’s concise and potent. It challenges you to ask hard questions of yourself, to put yourself on the spot for deciding what’s next. It’s called Endeavor: Cultivate Excellence While Making A Difference.

Endeavor is unlike the oceans of self-help/motivation/improvement books where you can drown in generically positive affirmations. Endeavor centers around growing your character through commitment:

“Clarity, relevance, and engagement will come when you start where you are and then take the next step with integrity and intention.”

Endeavor gives you no comfy shoulder to lean upon, no lullabies of reassurance, no space to indulge in daydream. Its punchy sentences are like those of a drill sergeant, a swim coach, a personal trainer demanding that you take this work seriously, like nothing else matters so much as your posture and practice. And it does matter so much.

But these calls to action come woven between strands of quiet truth and wisdom:

“Don’t just listen to the story. Listen for the story.”

It is in these moments that Scott’s insights as a professional musician and teacher shine through, and make Endeavor both compelling and nurturing.

If you’re looking for a more meaningful life and career, don’t expect easy answers from Endeavor. Expect difficult questions. Ones that might help you design your life on your own terms, with courage, clarity, and commitment.